Here's what people are saying about us

"I am truly amazed by the passion, dedication and diligence of the Saftonhouse leadership team. They have built-up a rock-solid reputation developing and promoting Bitcoin in Vancouver and their reputation and knowledge-network spans across North America."

Mark McLaughlin
Executive Director, Ancillary Services at Simon Fraser University

"I had the privilege of meeting Mike and Saftonhouse earlier this year and recognized right away their grasp of Bitcoin and digital currencies in addition to their understanding of how to advise the use, and implementation of Bitcoin in business. With an understanding and connection to the Bitcoin community in Vancouver, Mike and his team have proven to be effective in teaching individuals about Bitcoin through creating the first campus Bitcoin club."

Elizabeth T. Ploshay
Account Manager at BitPay, Bitcoin Foundation Board at Directors

"Michael is a community building leader and talented organizer, passionate and motivated in his endeavours. I am personally inspired by his dedication to the movement."

Anthony Di lorio
Co-Founder at Ethereum, Founding Member & Executive Director at the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

“Michael has been engaged in the bitcoin community for quite some time and shows great understanding of the challenges and opportunities lying ahead as cytptocurrency technologies go mainstream”

Manie Eagar
Chairman at Digital Finance Institute, President & CEO at Idaeon Inc.

“I have learned to appreciate the skills and character of Michael, who is a born and charismatic leader. He is very clever, patient and easy to follow. He is very matter of fact but also a man who cares. I'm proud to call him my friend.”

Fred (Alfred Henri) Hermans
Owner at Endeavour Consultancy, Managing Director Exiton at International BV

“Michael is very knowledgeable about Bitcoin and offers his advice and expertise with great patience!”

Dominique Arnoldi
Journaliste à Radio-Canada (Canadian Broadcasting Company Radio)

“As a international business consultant with over four decades of experience, I was fascinated by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Upon meeting Mike and his team of experts, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and depth of knowledge regarding Bitcoin and beyond. Good with communication, they were able to answer all of my questions in a manner that I can understand and make use of. They've proven themselves as international business citizens with global reach, and are able to assist anyone, anywhere in the world in their endeavors. Trustworthy and dependable; Saftonhouse is a valuable asset for any organization.”

H.M. Jay James
President of Business Navigator Consulting, Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal

“Michael is putting time, enthusiasm, and energy into building a bitcoin community that is great training for the important traits of leadership and vision required to be a force in the world of business in the future.”

Roland Haynes
Chief Technical Officer at Bot Green Technology Inc.

"During the time I worked with Michael, he showed in every moment very good attitudes as trustability, transparency, maturity, hard-working and passion & very good intentions in all what he does. Highly recommended to work with."

Daniel Díez García
Co-Founder at YUROHS

"Michael Yeung is a dedicated PR specialist getting numerous interviews with Global TV, 24 Hr, Metro, Georgia Street and Vancouver Sun. I recommend him for PR for any Bitcoin and alternative currency event."

Liza J. Lee
Marketing Advisor, Financial Confidence Advisors Inc.

“Michael and I are both Bitcoin enthusiasts and have attended many events together. Michael helped rally the troops for my Bitcoin events and has assisted many others. We are undoubtedly very happy to have him on our side. Throughout the various events I have gotten to know Michael quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his character and abilities.

Michael is a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work, Bitcoin drudgery or other, seem fun and interesting. He is an obvious leader and seems to really enjoy the position. I could go on and on but being the stoic character he is, I'm guessing he does not like flattery. So simply put, if you have the opportunity create a relationship with Michael, do it now while the chance is still available.”

Christopher Filiatrault
President at Bitmaster Financial Inc.

“Michael is putting time, enthusiasm, and energy into building a bitcoin community that is great training for the important traits of leadership and vision required to be a force in the world of business in the future.”

M Bilal Dar
Lead Consultant at Mercer Consulting

"Michael’s unique approach and dedication have been invaluable to the growth of the Bitcoin community. His steadfast vision in educating the common person about Bitcoin is very admirable and makes me happy that he is a part of the Lifeboat Foundation. His sense of duty, equity, neutrality, and humbleness makes him a venerable leader. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael for any media, press, and business inquiries you may have in regards to cryptocurrencies"

Eric Klien
President, Lifeboat Foundation