Management Consulting

We show our clients how to incorporate blockchain into their business in ways that are safe, innovative, and effective. We match our clients' branding, products, and services with the practical needs of this industry, while staying compliant with governmental rules and regulations.

Payment Integration

We integrate clients with easy-to-use blockchain-enabled point-of-sales tools such as BitPay and provide staff training. For clients with unique needs, we build custom-designed blockchain products from the grounds up.

Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops are excellent ways to learn about topics such as blockchain, DLT, and trading. Our sessions include special guest presenters who are leaders of this industry. For specific organizations, we also run specialized, private sessions suited to their niche.


Research & Forecast

Blockchain technologies are constantly evolving. That's why we help our clients stay ahead of the competition by conducting research into current and future markets that involve innovations based on DLT technology.

Blockchain Powered Kiosks

To build a more accessible blockchain infrastructure, we work with various partners to supply blockchain-powered kiosks for our clients. For locations that are not suitable for machines with large footprint, we have the ability to source extremely compact systems.

Conferences & Expos

Because blockchain is an international phenomenon, we strive to build bridges between every continents. Our large scale events facilitate collaborations by connecting blockchain industry leaders with professionals such as accountants, bankers, educators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and regulators from around the world.