Management Consulting

Because our expertise in Bitcoin spans across diverse backgrounds and disciplines, we are able to utilize this technology to solve your problems and needs in a practical and efficient manner. Whether you're looking to incorporate Bitcoin into your business or are looking to create something new in this space, Saftonhouse offers valuable advice that is innovative, genuine, and to-the-point.


Payment Integration

We have integrated Bitcoin payment systems into a variety of industries, including brick-n-mortar merchants, restaurants, e-commerce businesses, and non-profits. We provide training to our integrated clients so their staff can accept Bitcoin payments, explain it to their customers, and market themselves effectively. For clients looking for more, our team can create fully customized solutions that go beyond what the market currently offers.


Bitcoin ATM’s & Kiosks

We increase the public's accessibility to Bitcoin by offering the placement of easy-to-use Bitcoin vending machines to clients with physical storefronts. For locations without suitable real estate, we have the ability to make them into Bitcoin agents that sell bitcoins to customers as a service.


Research & Analysis

Our experts offer our clients custom reports on various topics within Bitcoin including analysis of key industry players, market capacity and forecast, estimation on a project's potential, and technical research into developments based on the Bitcoin technology. We help our clients stay aware of future possibilities.


Workshops & Seminars

Learn in a group setting with specialized experts in this field. We have held seminar and events that included notable presenters who gave talks covering Bitcoin mining, trading, altcoins, economic theories, regulations, and more. Our workshops offer one-on-one training on how to get started in Bitcoin and what trends to look out for.


Conference & Expo

Bitcoin's reach is global. Our conferences have connected international leaders in this space with professionals and entrepreneurs. One of our next goals is to run a Bitcoin expo here in beautiful Vancouver. If you are a potential partner or vendor, please send us an email.