"To empower our clients and solve their problems by helping them leverage blockchain technologies in ways that are practical, accessible, and useful."


We differentiate ourselves by providing clients with unparalleled levels of insight into blockchain through honest, thoughtful, practical consulting. We will go above and beyond to achieving our mission by helping clients explore blockchain to obtain greater sales, lower operating cost, greater security, increased privacy, and increased convenience. We are dedicated to providing expertise that lead to better profitability for our clients.

Core Values

Saftonhouse is obligated to:

• Turn "disruptive" technologies into life enhancing realities
• Build long-term relationships based on trust
• Offer clients uncompromising quality of service
• Elevate our clients' profile according to their mission
• Demonstrate accountability, integrity, and commitment
• Give advice that is ethical and fair for all stakeholders involved
• Actively listen to our clients' needs and meet those needs
• Encourage collaboration and teamwork wherever possible
• Grow blockchain technology in an accessible manner
• Set the standard for professionalism in our industry
• Foster strategic partnerships with industry leaders who share our values


Company Profile

Saftonhouse Consulting Group helps organizations innovate and grow through utilizing blockchain technologies. We make blockchain a must-have rather than a nice-to-have addition. We set the benchmark for professionalism, commitment, and integrity in the burgeoning blockchain space.

In early 2014, Michael Yeung and the co-founders of the Canada's first and premier blockchain advocacy group wanted to provide relatable, no non-sense advice for those looking for opportunities in blockchain . Yeung and partners formed Saftonhouse with one simple overarching mission in mind -- make the world more equitable and efficient through sensible but innovative implementations of blockchain and developments based on similar concepts.

Today, Saftonhouse has assembled a team of early adopters who understands blockchain on every level. Our combined expertise allows us to provide sound advice on any aspect of blockchain and integrate blockchain solutions into existing business process. Our list of clients has been steadily growing and includes the likes of Simon Fraser University, a public institution in Canada with over 35,000 students.

Our specialties include:

• Blockchain consulting for decision makers, professionals, and investors.
• Research and analysis on the developments within the blockchain space
• Seminars & workshops for public and private consumption
• Conference & event management
• Connecting professionals to leaders in the blocchain space