Jeff Chen
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff was the co-founder of Canada's first Bitcoin university advocacy group and has appeared on OMNI TV and other media outlets to explain Bitcoin in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He began his career in Bitcoin as an investor and trader.

Having had extensive experience trading in Chinese, Canadian, and American Bitcoin markets, Jeff has an in-depth understanding of the currency's price movement in its relation to international politics and global technological and economic developments. Coming from a Finance background, he offers logical, quantitative advice for our clients. He is trustworthy and committed to bringing the most balanced solutions to fit your needs.

Furthering Bitcoin adoption across university campuses in Canada is another of Jeff's interest. He has taught trading workshops on Bitcoin at a university setting to people from all walks of life. From Jeff's point of view, the low-cost and swiftness of international remittance is Bitcoin's strongest feature that has yet been fully tapped into.